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6 soup recipes to cure the winter blues

Fri Jan 14

During the winter, soup is an ideal way to help boost your health as it’s packed with veggies. Plus it’s easy and budget-friendly to produce.

Forget about those boring tinned canned soup and prepare for ultimate flavor and comfort that will add some excitement to those drab winter days.

Check out some of our favorite soups to keep the cold away this winter!

Winter minestrone with pesto croûtes

Raised bowl of winter minestrone soup with croutons

It is easy for soup to leave you hungry, but this wholesome bowl of minestrone will definitely satisfy with its chunky texture, filling beans, and tasty croûtes. The subtle pesto flavors are reminiscent of summer and provide a much-needed break from winter colors and flavors.

This recipe constitutes four of your five-a-day! It’s high in fiber as well as vitamins and minerals, which is ideal for keeping healthy during the winter and fighting away any colds and bugs.

Celeriac, roasted hazelnut & truffle soup

Bowl of creamy celeriac topped with chopped nuts

Who says soup can’t be fancy? The subtle truffle flavor and pops of roasted hazelnut feel very luxurious and make this recipe an ideal starter for a dinner party or even a Christmas dinner. Though it sounds complicated, this dish could not be easier to make!