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Cherries for Days: Fruits to Enjoy Year Round

Tue Oct 4

Whenever snack time rolls around, we’re certainly not starved for choice. There’s a veritable mountain of options ranging from the sweet to the sour to the savory, from the healthy to the not as healthy as we’d like it to be.

With so many options on the table, it can even be difficult to decide on what to eat. If that´s the case for you, we may be able to help. While we have your attention, could we interest you in some cherries?

Now, before you stop listening or start to question this admittedly rather random suggestion, hear us out. Cherries are the perfect choice for a snack that’s both healthy and packed with flavor. They can range in flavor from tart to super sweet, and come packed with nutrients that anyone can feel good about. Antioxidants, for instance.

“That’s great,” you might say “But isn’t the time for cherries pretty much over?” And you´d be making a fair point. Fear not, though, the passing of the summer months doesn’t mean the passing of delicious fruits.

This article is brought to you by C&L Fruits, a family business whose passion for the land and its fruits has lasted over 40 years. They specialize in providing the world with fresh and tasty fruit straight from the south-central zone of Chile. One of those fruits is the cherry, which will be available in US supermarkets in November.

So, are cherries starting to look good yet? If so, we´ve compiled this helpful list of cherries to find the variety that works perfectly for you. All of these are just some of the varieties cultivated by C&L


Lapins cherries get their name from the horticulturist that developed them, Charles Lapins. They are a hybrid cultivar that comes from a combination of Van and Stella cherry cultivars

Taste wise, Lapins are similar to Bing cherries (more on those later), albeit with a firmer flesh and make a great snack all on their own. That said, feel free to use them for baking or cocktails.

Sweet Heart

Up next, Sweet Heart cherries. This cultivar may have a downright adorable name, but don´t be fooled into thinking that’s all it has to offer. Sweet Heart cherries boast a bright red color and a super sweetness that comes tinged with just a hint of tartness.

Like Lapins, the sweetheart is also a hybrid. This time of the Van and Newstar cultivars. It can be great on its own, but don´t miss out on its potential as a topping or as a jam.


There’s a really good chance that you’ve tried Bing cherries at one point or another. This variety originated in the Pacific Northwest, has gone on to become the U. S` most produced sweet cherry.

Bings have a deep, glossy color that can range from maroon to dark red, and a sweet tart flavor. Once again, you´ll be faced with a variety of options when deciding how to use them, but we’d like to recommend a delicious smoothie.

Royal Dawn

On again with the fancy names. The name may or may not be to your liking, but we urge you not to pass on Royal Dawns if you want a cherry that is full of flavor.

This cherry brings a meaty and firm flesh that will provide you with a fantastic crunch.


A cross between Stella and Summit cherries, Santinas are firm and moderately sweet with a dark red flesh. They’re very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, but pairing them with cheese and/or smoked meats is said to be a delightful combination. Just something to keep in mind during your next dinner party