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Juice up your skincare routine with these 6 fruit-based products

Mon Apr 25

We all know how important fruit is for a healthy diet, but did you know fruit-based ingredients can also make a huge difference in skincare?

These six picks are packed with skin-nourishing ingredients.

The same nutrients that make fruits such a key part of a balanced diet also benefit and protect the skin.

Different fruits provide a variety of benefits, from brightening and hydration, to antiaging and more.

Below are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate fruits into your skincare routine.

Brightening Watermelon Mask

A jar of pink gel surrounded by watermelon slices, skincare

You know that bright, light taste you get from the perfect watermelon? The Glow Recipe Watermelon/AHA Mask can produce that same feeling, but for your face!

Hyaluronic acid and watermelon extract, two of the primary ingredients in this gel-texture mask, are both excellent at moisturizing the skin without heavy grease or oil.

Superberry Moisturizing Overnight Mask

A jar of yellow cream, surrounded by sliced berries

For luxurious, nutrient-rich moisture, it doesn’t get much better than the Youth to the People Superberry Hydrating Mask.

It’s a creamy overnight mask made with a blend of superberries, including the South American maqui.

It arms your skin with antioxidants that fight and balance free radicals, which can do all sorts of damage to your skin.

Strawberry Brightening Serum

Glass boxes of strawberries with glass dropper-top bottles of a pink serum sitting on top

Serums are the holy grail of skincare because they’re typically packed with the most “active” ingredients.

The Volition Beauty Strawberry-C Brightening Serum takes advantage of the natural brightening and clarifying properties of strawberries to deliver results.

Strawberry fruit and seed extract work to unclog pores and visibly brighten your skin with a dose of vitamin C.

Avocado Overnight Mask

A green tube of mask cream, next to an avocado half and a splash of water, skincare

Avocado is the primary ingredient in the Origins Drink Up Avocado & Swiss Glacier Water Overnight Mask.

The same healthy fats that make the avocado a superfood provide the skin with natural moisture and nutrients.

To treat dry, tired skin, just leave this mask on overnight and allow your face to absorb all that rich moisture.

Brightening Strawberry-Tomato Cleanser

A glass bottle of pink gel cleanser surrounded by small tomatoes, strawberries, and wheat pieces, skincare

Tomato is just one of several plant-derived ingredients in the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser! People with all skin types will love this!

The tomato extract comes in with a ton of benefits for your skin.

It provides vitamins A, C, and K, as well as antioxidant properties. It also has gentle exfoliating properties to clear away dead skin cells.

Gel Cleanser with Elderberry

A green tube of cleanser, sitting on top of berries, fruit

Elderberry extract is the key ingredient in this Biossance Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser.

The berries are a rich source of antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin and heal damage.

Combined with sugarcane-derived squalane, there are plenty of plant-based ingredients to gently clear away impurities and dirt from your day without stripping moisture and nutrients from the skin!