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Support Local Farms with Easy Direct Delivery Service

Wed Jan 6

Grocery shopping can be a chore. This is especially true when balancing today’s challenges, like working from home, taking Covid precautions, or even trying to manage a busy family!

That’s why we’re buzzing about a new website that allows you to find fresh local foods and order deliverable produce, dairy, and meat from nearby farms from home.

A more convenient and sweatpant-friendly way to shop, which also helps support local farmers and cut down on food waste? Sign us up.

The website, Farms That Are Delivering, couldn’t be easier to use. Simply type in your city and the program searches through over 1,300 local farms to find which are closest, displaying the foods they have on offer.

Whether you’re looking for fresh produce, meat or dairy products, prepared goods, or fresh herbs, the site has it all. Another bonus? It specifies which farms deliver, offer pickup, or both, and links directly to their websites to order online.

Have something specific in mind? No problem. Just use the filters to search for a particular category of food, such as ‘microgreens.’

The site will even let you know any information they have on farming practices. For instance, it displays whether a local farm is certified organic, whether it uses antibiotics, and more.


Supporting Struggling Local Farms

The best part of
Farms That Are Delivering is that you can make a difference to struggling local businesses even as you cut down on errands to run.

You’ll be supporting your area’s farmers while saving time and precious energy by ordering fresh foods directly from the source.

Meanwhile, in just a few clicks, you’ll be helping to cut down on food waste, something that became a huge problem during the pandemic.

Making smart choices for your health, family, and community has never before felt so important. Luckily, Farms That Are Delivering makes the smart choice simple.

Check out the fresh selection from local farms next time you have a few items to pick up for dinner and see for yourself!