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Top 9 tips to survive the holidays with your health intact

Mon Dec 13

Though it may seem like it, it isn’t impossible to stay healthy during the holiday season! It might be a little difficult, but following these easy tips will make it seem easy as pie.

Limit your sugar

Liming your sugar intake throughout the season is one of the keys to staying healthy! Sugar has dramatic effects on the immune system for hours after consumption, so cutting back where you can just might keep you on track.

Eat more fruit

Need something sweet to replace dessert? Fruit just happens to fit the bill! Strawberries, grapefruits, and oranges are all high in immune-boosting vitamin C which will come in handy to fend off the season of colds.

Think healthy substitutions

Mashed potatoes might be a holiday staple, but mashed cauliflower or mashed sweet potatoes can be just as tasty and with only half the calories, more fiber, and many other health benefits! Replacing sour cream with Greek yogurt and soda with flavored sparkling water are great ways to think healthy.

Get more sleep

During the busy party season it may seem impossible to get extra rest, but try not to skip your beauty rest! The body requires more sleep during the winter months since fighting off viruses requires additional energy.

Drink less alcohol

This could be the most difficult, but limiting the number of merry martinis you consume can make a big difference when talking about your health. Not only are cocktails often packed with sugar, but they are empty calories! If you don’t want to walk about the party empty-handed, try to have one or two mocktails instead.

Divide your plate

Try keeping half of your plate with dark leafy vegetables, which will not only keep your caloric intake in check but also your immune system! It’s easy to pack your plate with seasonal treats like mashed potatoes, but just having enough is the key to enjoying dinner.

Exercise schedule

Just like you have your social events calendar for the next month or so, use it to schedule your workouts as well. Staying active will not only keep your health on track for the new year but also boosts your immune system!

Drink water

This goes without saying, but staying hydrated is one of the most essential keys to staying healthy! Make sure if you are partaking in holiday drinking, alternate water between your beverages of choice.

Skip the stretch

While it may be tempting to wear your baggy boyfriend jeans or super-stretchy leggings to every party in your calendar, you’re better off wearing something a little more fitted. Form-fitting clothing offers a subtle reminder not to overeat.