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Why Am I Eating a Pink Pineapple?

Wed Jan 6

Whether you’re a foodie, love trying new exotic fruits, or are curious to try a sweet taste of something new, you’re going to love Del Monte’s latest tropical treat — pink pineapples!

The fruit, called PinkGlow for its unique hue, is a bit different from the pineapple you grew up eating. For one, it’s juicier and sweeter.

Rather than the food’s typical touch of sourness, this variety has notes of candy pineapple aromatics, packing a powerful taste of paradise to remind you warmer days are coming.

Beyond its bright, almost Willy Wonka-imagined pop of flavor, its feminine hue is just oh-so-Instagram worthy.

(I mean, is it just us or does food taste better in your favorite color?)

Pink everything please!

Where does the fruit’s pretty pink hue come from though? The answer has to do with the fruit’s enzymes. PinkGlow pineapples were developed to produce lower levels of the natural enzymes found in conventional fruit that convert pink pigment (lycopene) to yellow (beta carotene).

The new variety has already been tested and approved by the FDA, with the association explaining: “Lycopene is the pigment that makes tomatoes red and watermelons pink, so it is commonly and safely consumed.”

Sought after by foodies and lovers of fantastical things alike, we’re excited to help you try this unique tropical snack! Grown and imported from Costa Rica, you can now order this jewel of the jungle online.

If you’re in the US:

Orders ship in 1 – 2 business days, so if you’re planning to impress a small group of friends or your family with your exotic find, plan accordingly!

Worth mentioning is that the fruit’s packaging makes for as cute of a snap as the pink pineapple itself!

While the fruit tastes great on its own, we got you covered with a quick dessert idea for inspiration, too. Check out Del Monte’s recipe for mouthwatering no-bake cheesecake cups with pretty pink pineapple here!

Just because your winter plans may not look the way you had anticipated doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to treat yourself with a taste of paradise at home.

Hopefully this sweet tropical treat we can help paint those winter blues pink!